• Administrative Building

  • Nemrut Small Industrial Site

  • 112 Emergency Health Station

  • Truck Park, Weighbridge and Social Facility

  • Wind Power Plant
    The first region to establish a wind power plant with its own resources

  • With the opportunities it creates, it continues to grow by providing
    sustainability in all its services, using energy resources efficiently,
    protecting natural resources and investing in the environment,
    developing day by day

  • TOBB ALOSBİ Vocational and Technical
    Anatolian High School

  • Gendarmerie Station

  • Fire station
    Participating companies can easily benefit from regional services

  • ALOSBİ hosts leading domestic and foreign
    companies in their sectors

Why Alosbi?

Leader and Unique

During the establishment and projecting phase, applications in the leading countries of the world industry, industrial zones, techno parks and the Sil... More...

Gallery Infrastructure System

As being first and unique in Turkey, the process water, recycling lines, low voltage and medium voltage lines, lighting, SCADA infrastructure and hard... More...

Giant Industrial City

27.000.000 earth movements have been carried out in Alosbi, where 350 parcels in total ranging from 5.000 m2 to 265.000 m2 are located, in order to cr... More...

Center of attraction

ALOSBI has taken on a brand new structure with the announcement of 135 parcels covering approximately 2 million m2 of the region in May 2011 after bei... More...

Industrial City of the Future

ALOSBİ, which houses the locomotive industry sectors of the world, offers great advantages ranging from its strategic position to its logistic advanta... More...

One Stop Office

In the region where the zoning status and infrastructure information are organized in detail with the Geographical Information System, Building Licens... More...

Powerful Institution in Industry

ALOSBİ, as well as increasing the quality and diversity of its services with the units of the Common Health and Safety Unit, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, ... More...

Sustainable Industrial City

In the region in which an approximately 3 million m2 was reserved for green field with Health Protection Strip, Afforestation Area, Sports Fields and ... More...

Leader of Education

Aliağa has the highest literacy rate with 94.81% among the provinces of İzmir. In a total of 54 formal education institutions, 13.560 students are edu... More...

Vocational Education Campus

In order to establish a high school where the Chemistry and Machinery Faculties will be located in particular, we continue to cooperate with domestic ... More...

Technopark (R&D)

ALOSBİ Technopark, of which the project studies have been continuing; aims to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the region's partic... More...

Strategic Location and Logistic

Aliağa, a fisherman town with a population of 2,800 in 1960, was accepted as the Heavy Industrial Zone in 1961 in the locomotive sectors such as Iron ... More...

Small Industrial Site

In these parcels of land reserved for the companies located in ALOSBI which supply the large industrial organizations, also the continuity of the smal... More...

Accessible Human Resource

Izmir is the second fastest developing Metropolis in the world. Aliağa is growing even faster than Izmir. The increasing population in Aliağa around A... More...

Alosbi with numbers

10 million m2
200 million Euro
Infrastructure Investment
2 million m2
Chemistry Parcel
46.000 meter
Asphalt Road
400 MVA
Installed Power
150.000 m3/hours
Natural Gas Station
8.000 Persons
Yavuz Selim KÖŞGER

Governor of Izmir

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone is one of the rare places I envy among the Organized Industrial Zones I have seen. I am confident that the occupancy rate of such a well-planned and completed OIZ will reach full capacity as soon as possible.


Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

ALOSBİ, which was founded with the initiatives of industrialists from İzmir, has developed day by day and has become a center of attraction not only for İzmir but also for the investors of all countries. With its easy access to the city center and airport with İZBAN, the port capacity in the region also stands out logistically. Those who want to come and invest in Izmir 9-star ALOSBİ'yi do not invest without seeing.


EBSO Chairman of the Board

ALOSBİ, which is a very important value for our region, presents important opportunities for its new investors with its modern technological infrastructure and 26% vacant parcel. First of all, it is close to Çandarlı Port, which is targeted to be among the top 10 ports in the world. Particularly being chemistry Specialized OIZ positions ALOSBİ differently.


President of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce

Sea road, rail, air and road no other investment zones in Turkey other than ALOSBİ with transportation advantages. In addition, Turkey's Aliaga OSB, the beginning of the most important works that prove the global competitiveness of geliyor.alosb with all the ideal conditions to host the site continues to be a place where interested investors position.

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