ALOSBİ Corporate

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ) took part in 1997in the investment program as an "Organized Industrial Zone to be established without any credit from the Ministry of Industry" and was established with the participation of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce and İzmir Special Provincial Administration under the leadership of Ege Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO).

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ), which was established on an area of approximately 10 million m2 and embodies the industrial establishments that have a voice in the country’s economy and the global market with its employment, foreign trade, innovative products, and has been carrying on its way to become a world-famous manufacturing center; has become the focus of industrialists, domestic and foreign industrial zones with its modern management understanding and applications that it has made.

200 million Euros have been invested by using modern and technological facilities to provide infrastructure services to every part of 10 million m2 area and this investment has been realized with the equity of the industrialists completely without using even 1 TL credit or support from the state.

ALOSBİ Board of Directors

Haluk Tezcan - President  of the Executive Board

İ. Deniz Gündüz – Vice President  of the Executive Board 

Akın Dalan – Member of the Executive Board 

Mehmet Atik – Member of the Executive Board 

Nail Fatih Aracı – Member of the Executive Board